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meeting the needs of all our clients

In addition to its unrivalled functionality PRIAM has been tailored to meet the needs of many specific market sectors.

We aim to deliver tailored solutions to our clients with an understanding of their business needs and the commercial area in which they operate. We are continuously reviewing and developing our standard package while having the ability to focus on the needs of particular market sectors.

Here are some of the markets that PRIAM has already been adapted for:

Specific sector examples

+Fulfilment houses

Totally integrated software for every fulfilment house need..


The only completely unified computer system available for the publishing industry.


The system of choice for many retailers through mail order, e-commerce and shops.


Handling all aspects of the mobile phone business.


PRIAM is used extensively by shops hiring musical and electrical goods.


Designed to handle the specfic needs of charities, membership organisations and subscriptions.

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"Going live with PRIAM will bring major benefits to BCA in terms of increased functionality, real-time processing and a rapid return on investment."

Marketing Director Sandy Pattison