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specialist software for rental/hire businesses


Rental software from PRIAM. PRIAM is used extensively by shops selling musical and electrical goods. In conjunction with the retail modules, PRIAM allows for various forms of rental e.g. try before you buy for musical instruments, or ongoing rental for electrical goods e.g. television/videos.

Rentals are fully integrated into the stock control system showing rented items as part of the company's assets and allowing for depreciation.

Rentals are also fully integrated with the PRIAM accounting system which includes sales ledger, VAT, nominal and cash book. Rentals can be shown as a separate cost centre within the company.

Customer history is maintained for accounts, marketing and sales analysis reporting.


PRIAM is used extensively by shops and mail order companies handling technical product e.g. computers, mobile phones, electrical goods.

In conjunction with the retail side of the system PRIAM has a complete repairs module which allows for various means of accepting returns.

Essential information

• Repair items can be booked in through a shop front or by post/courier

• Estimates and minimum charge detail can be incorporated into a personalised quotation for the customer at the point of entry

• If repairs are booked into a shop or service front then the point of sales system can handle payment receipts and produce summary terms and conditions etc

• Repairs are traceable at all stages by a variety of means including customer name, repair type, repair reference, or item

• Problem can be described and a level of automated analysis obtained

• Specific identification of products is available e.g. serial number, IMEI, SIM, mobile phone number. Loan stock can be issued to the customer and monitored/analysed

• Repairs can be handled as chargeables, non-chargeables, guarantee work, or under warranty

• Worksheets/job tickets are produced for engineers in internal/external workshops and outstanding repairs can be monitored by location/engineer

• Outsourcing of repairs and handling repairs for other organisations are both possible

• Parts for repairs can be booked from component stock and incorporated into the cost of the repair

• Automatic re-ordering of repair components and allocation of items to a repair job on booking in to the warehouse facilitates smooth flow

• Time spent on repair is logged and incorporated into the cost of the repair

• Return of repair through various means including shop front where payment can be made

• Invoicing if appropriate becomes part of the accounts subsystem (sales ledger, VAT book, nominal analysis)

• Repairs can be shown as a separate cost centre within the organisation

• Other PRIAM subsystems such as the marketing, sales analysis and marketing databases are all updated with repair detail

• Various reports show position and status of repairs

• Other reports analyse repairs and costs.

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