PRIAM Royale - business software for publishers

Royale Royalties Management

Business software for music and book publishers

Whether you are looking for stand-alone Royalty Management Software or need a system that combines mail order / eCommerce with royalties processing, PRIAM has the answer.

PRIAM manages all processes for music and book publishers engaged in mail order, eCommerce, wholesale and distribution. This includes customer services, call centre management, order processing, warehousing & distribution and accounting.

PRIAM handles:

• Works - links the published material to the physical or download item
• Contracts - with options for pricing, locations, date/time
• Licencing - with multiple licencing options
• Direct sales (consumers or dealers, web or call centre)
• eCommerce, mCommerce and Content Management
• Royalty collection - electronic or manual
• Royalty distribution - with full ledger functionality
• Comprehensive accounting, analysis and reporting

Royale is the only completely integrated business system available for the publishing industry. One package with flexible business rules to suit your business model and one database as a single repository for all of your company's data.

Publishing/royalties workflow

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