management team

key PRIAM personnel

Although this section details the management team, the success of PRIAM is undoubtedly due to the investment made in its technical staff. We boast a team of highly educated technicians who have generally come to us with wide experience of the technologies we employ. They are trained to the highest standard, and quality control procedures ensure that they achieve their full potential working on the PRIAM products.

The directors

Glyn Carvill PRIAM's managing director

Glyn Carvill

Keith Snell PRIAM's technical director

Keith Snell

Steve Glaze PRIAM's product development director

Steve Glaze

Managing Director

Glyn Carvill
Glyn was brought into the company to supplement the management skills required for the proposed expansion of the company. After several years in accountancy, Glyn turned to IT. He was Group IT Director, managing an IT department for a manufacturing company for 20 years before the company dissolved. As Managing Director he is responsible for the overall direction and strategy of the company as well as having specific responsibility for sales, marketing and account management.

Technical Director

Keith Snell
After graduating, Keith spent 15 years developing application software for the Health service using various flavours of the M language/database. In 1989 Keith joined Micronetics, a worldwide company developing and distributing their implementation of M. Initially the Technical Support Manager, he became Support & Development Director. In this role he was responsible for the design and management of the development projects. 1998 when Micronetics were bought by Intersystems Keith went on to develop an implementation of M which is now marketed as M21 and used as the prefered PRIAM database. His technical knowledge and management ability are key to the current PRIAM growth.

Product Development Director

Steve Glaze
Steve joined PRIAM in 1997 and has been involved mainly in business analysis and training for clients. After Oxford University Steve Glaze qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG and also has an M.Sc. in Software Development. Steve has progressed through the ranks of trainer, project manager and then business analysis consultant. His combined skills and commitment have pushed him into the senior management team.

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