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Mobile Phone Software from PRIAM - handling all aspects of the mobile phone business. If you distribute, sell through shops, mail order, or over the web, there's only one fully developed mobile phone software system available.

PRIAM business software has 2000 programs to handle all aspects of the mobile phone business.

Without doubt it is the market leader for medium to large size players in the mobile phone market-place.

PRIAM handles all business functions for different segments of the mobile phone industry, providing a fully integrated and comprehensive software solution. With the coming shake-out in the mobile sector, only the most efficient companies will survive. These are the ones with complete and immediate control of every area of the business, the ones using the best mobile phone software available.

Further detail

+Full tracking

For any phone, PRIAM knows the identification required e.g. SIM, IMEI, phone number, or serial number.

+Network connections

With some networks, including Orange, we can connect on-line and carry out credit vetting.

+Commission handling

There is no limit to the service providers, tariffs, commissions and additional extras that can be set up.

+Staff commissions

When setting up tariffs and product details you can specify how much staff will receive for commission.

+Stock returns

All the existing functionality of PRIAM is available in the mobiles system with additional benefits


Offering a service/repair option gives mobile phone companies a major advantage over their competitors.


Stock forecasting based on previous campaigns or sales history.

+Targeted mailings

PRIAM maintains a record of every dealing you have with your customer from sales to returns and complaints.

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