PRIAM contact management software

marketplace manager

PRIAM Software provides a Marketplace Management module for ebay, providing retailers with the ability to populate their storefronts quickly and with minimum fuss.

Using the power of the PRIAM system, the ebay interface allows for full category and product mapping, making it easy to upload your entire inventory using the large merchant services facilities or individual items using API calls.

• Create, Revise and End listings automatically
• Multiple variation listings such as Fashion products
• Mapping of PRIAM data fields to ebay category specifics to improve product visibility
• Provides a scheduled feed of stock levels and buffer stock
• Amend prices
• Upload carriage costs and delivery methods for individual items
• Download orders
• Upload order tracking and despatch information
• Download ebay reports
• Link your product images to the ebay store-front

Furthermore our designers can also provide you with a custom built store-front(s) to enable you to display your products on ebay in the most attractive way possible and to take advantage of the fastest growing marketplace in the world.

PRIAM also has an interface to Amazon that allows you to download your orders and upload your orders status's.