erp stock and warehouse management

PRIAM ERP software

An accurate stock and warehouse management system is a prerequisite for efficiency and profitability. At PRIAM we have focussed on developing solutions to meet the needs of the modern warehouse and the significant operational demands of our clients. We have utilized the latest technologies to provide innovative solutions to fulfil our clients warehousing needs. This includes Barcoding, Radio Frequency (RF) Control and Voice Activated Picking.

PRIAM offers an unrivalled ability to manage stock from a single warehouse or multiple warehouses each with multiple locations. Every stock movement creates a full audit trail to provide complete control over all of your processes.

And all of the functionality described below is provided in 'Real Time'. This means you can identify issues immediately and utilise your resources in the most effective manner to ensure that your business priorities are always met.

Typical benefits of installing the PRIAM warehousing module include:

Staff productivity increased by up to 45%

Space utilization increased by up to 30%

Stock accuracy increased to 99.8%

Warehouse costs reduced by up to 35%

Stock control features


• Allows for multiple warehouses and within each warehouse, multiple locations
• Handles sets, components, products, works orders, bills of materials and virtual items
• Associate images and other files against each item

Goods Received

• Multiple goods inwards processes
• Log delivery note details. Optionally book goods in against existing POs or not
• Automated goods receipt using handheld or RF devices
• Discrepancy handling for under/over deliveries
• Identifies backorders and special orders
• Full track and trace for serial an batch numbers
• RF directed put away
• Produce own stock labels with barcode options
• Maintain stock against many bins or multiple items in one bin

Stock Movements

• Can be instigated individually or en masse - Warehouse-to-Warehouse
• Automate the replenishment process to shops or picking face
• Inter-warehouse smoothing of stock
• Movements via intermediary warehouse e.g. vans
• Special orders for branches automated at Head Office