PRIAM ERP software

erp shop sales

The simplicity of PRIAM's EPOS solution belies the depth of functionality available. Shop sales are merely one more entry point into the full PRIAM ERP/CRM multi-channel solution.

PRIAM can connect unlimited tills locally or over a wide area to the back office system thus allowing it to access a wealth of functionality far beyond that offered by EPOS specialists.

Whether it is customer capture (with Quick Addressing), loyalty schemes, offers or even links to mail order for goods that are unavailable in the shop, PRIAM sets no limits on the service offered to the customer.

Shop sales features

• Shops can connect to a head office server directly using a VPN / Internet connection. This provides for real-time updating and reporting.
• Works on a variety of different hardware providers
• Real-time stock search
• Allow and analyse discounts
• Invoicing and customer creation from till
• Unlimited layback i.e. interrupting one sale with another
• Immediate update of back office system (accounts, VAT, stock, purchasing, banking, sales analysis, till summary by payment type etc.)
• Chip & pin for credit card handling. Fully PCI compliant
• Audit of each sale with electronic till roll lookup
• Returns and refunds handled from the till
• Staff sales analysis/commissions based on staff or product criteria
• Special orders and reserved stock handling
• Serial numbers can be processed
• Can use multi-dimensional stock grids i.e. for fashion items with size and colour options
• Full petty cash handling, linking both tills and ledgers
• B2B or B2C functionality