PRIAM ERP software

erp reporting & business inteligence

PRIAM ERP's key area

The ability to identify and report on key performance indicators (KPIs) is absolutely paramount in today's competitive environment. PRIAM contains over a hundred standard reports that have been developed to provide our customers with the essential information they need to run their business. Furthermore our reporting is hugely flexible in that all reports contain a wizard with multiple selection criteria that allows you the customer chose what information you wish to report upon.

PRIAM's Reporting and Business Intelligence software gives you:

• Increased control with access to real-time reporting of business critical information

• Leading to improved decision making

• Enhanced customer service and a better customer experience

• Quantifiable, measurable Key Performance Indicators


Reports can be produced in a variety of different outputs and file formats. This includes screen, print, Excel spreadsheet and to file. If reports are output to file they can be scheduled to run automatically on a daily / weekly / monthly basis and the results emailed to multiple recipients. This is ideal if you have clients who require regular reporting

The PRIAM system has a database with a SQL front-end allowing access for ODBC reporting tools such as Crystal Reports. Here users can create their own reports on an as and when basis..Combining the standard reporting functionality available within the PRIAM system with your own ad-hoc reporting resource provides for multiple options and maximum flexibility.

Finally PRIAM has a product called Web View. This provides for direct access into the PRIAM system via the Internet. Management reports can be run and downloaded remotely via secure Internet access. Web View is ideal for internationally based managers and clients of fulfilment houses.