PRIAM ERP software

erp purchasing and forecasting

PRIAM ERP's key area

Powerful purchasing and forecasting is a vital ingredient in maintaining supplier chain management.

Accurate and timely supplier information is vital to the efficient company wishing to reduce direct costs such as stock for sales and the administration overhead of handling suppliers.

In order to negotiate the best terms with each of your suppliers you need detailed and timely information.

features include:


• Suggested replenishment based on criteria set for stock items.
• Automatically create max/min levels from previous sales/order history.
• Replenishment suggestions from multiple factors.
• Reorder lists by supplier.
• Each line of automatic reorder is explained and can be overridden.
• Purchase orders monitored for non-delivery.
• Multi-branch consolidation and allocation.
• Reconciliation of purchase orders against supplier invoices.
• Amend any part of a purchase order.
• Handles purchase requisitions for non-stock items.


• Ability to have various forecasts over any future periods based on any past / current period.
• Can extrapolate sales through a percentage.
• Can amend previous sales history (plus or minus) to even out anomalies/one-off situations before creating forecast.
• Can break down forecasts from through category down to individual item level.