PRIAM ERP software

erp picking and despatch

PRIAM employs the very latest technologies and techniques to ensure that your picking, packing and despatch processes are as quick and efficient as possible. This includes using automated replenishment techniques to ensure that your picking face does not run out of stock and using the very latest in Radio Frequency (RF) devices and Voice Activated Picking to ensure the accuracy of your pick runs and despatch confirmations.

Once despatch has been confirmed we have integrated links to many UK couriers and full integration to Metapack.

Typical benefits of using the PRIAM Picking and Despatch module include:

Staff productivity increased by up to 35%

Picking accuracy increased by 40%

Order fulfilment times reduced by 30%

Courier costs reduced by 25%

Picking and despatch features


• Single order or mass picking
• Select by multiple criteria - delivery, product type, cost centre, size of order, date etc.
• Picking by optimised picking route and reported by locations within warehouse map
• RF and Voice Picking available
• Option to confirm prior to despatch and automatically adjust for damaged or missing stock


• Create despatch note before or after picking
• Confirm by individual order or whole picking list
• Option to scan bar-coded product on despatch to check against original order
• Email despatch confirmation


• Full integration with courier systems
• Automatically produce courier documentation (labels, manifests, EDI)
• Use consignment numbers to track orders through the delivery cycle

Drop Shipment

• Automate Drop Shipment processing
• Confirm despatch of drop shipment orders

Backorder Handling

• Automatically create backorders if not stock available
• Optionally create purchase orders
• Automatic release of backorders when stock is available
• Email if items cannot be despatched