PRIAM ERP software

erp order processing

PRIAM ERP's key area

PRIAM's flexible sales order processing modules offers multiple interfaces geared to different market sectors or operational methods. We know of no other ERP Software package which can cater for so many different business models.

All of the interfaces offer direct access to the required look-up data. The system is easy to use for the operator as background tables drive offers, price lists, delivery methods etc.

Order processing features

• Mail order, either B2C (Business-to-Consumer) or B2b (Business-to-Business)
• Coupon response
• Continuity schemes
• Assembly
• Internet Orders from external web sites

Mail Order

• Definable customer capture fields
• Integrated Quick Addressing via the Post Office Address File ensures valid postal addresses and allows for immediate deduplication
• Product search within order creation by multiple search methods
• Immediate view of product pricing, availability, margin, previous customer price etc
• Immediate view of product pricing, availability, margin, previous customer price etc
• Multiple price lists per product
• Automatic price changes by customer type, promotion, product price breaks, offer product combinations, benefits etc
• Operator prompts for up selling, related items, add-ons, warranty sales etc
• Full support and charging mechanism for personalisation of products
• Supports multi-dimensional fashion items, sets or kits, and 'virtual' stock items i.e. subscriptions or insurance
• Forward orders with call off control
• Automatic backorder handling with option to immediately allocate stock
• Backorders released automatically by various criteria
• Ability to hold internal, external and delivery comments
• Incorporation of standard text paragraphs and messages on documentation
• Delivery methods and charges defaulted to by definable criteria
• Handles drop shipment (direct despatch) by third parties
• Automatic production of all courier documentation (labels, manifests, electronic files)
• Automatic email of order confirmation and despatch
• Multiple payment methods including credit accounts, gift vouchers
• Real-time credit card authorisation and charging via multiple payment gateways
• Production of pro-formas and quotations with the ability to email
• Automatic updating of all accounting modules (sales ledger, VAT book, banking, cash books and nominal ledger)
• Credit card summary reports and reconciliation procedures
• Banking reports with payment analysis
• EC VAT handled automatically from customer detail
• Real-time stock position
• Sales staff commissions automatically calculated

Coupon Response

• Simple entry for batches of coupon responses typically grouped by payment form
• Media source codes trigger items at promotion price, literature and inclusions e.g. prize draw entry
• Produce operator statistics for billing purposes

Continuity Schemes

• Ability to sell a series of products over a given period with variable call-off points
• Different payment terms and schemes for given items


• Create Works Orders off the back of Sales Orders
• Create Works Order requirements from a Bill of Materials (BOM)
• Purchase order processing driven by the balance of the BOM
• On completion of works orders the sales order is despatched

Internet Orders

• Import orders directly into PRIAM from third party eCommerce platforms
• Alternatively use PRIAM's eCommerce platform and content management system