PRIAM ERP software

erp marketing

PRIAM ERP's key area

The marketing modules are derived from the experiences of our UK and International mail order customers. PRIAM ERP Software contains the tools to structure and analyse campaigns based on unlimited benefit and offer promotions.

PRIAM has the most sophisticated marketing imaginable. It offers the ability to structure offers in any manner, target the most appropriate recipients, drive order processing from the offer code and measure the response in a multi-level view. With over 40 marketing reports including lifetime analysis, square inch analysis, and stock projections, PRIAM marketing allows you to implement the ideas you'd only dreamed about.

Marketing features

• Ability to structure and cost campaigns
• Marketing source codes driving offers e.g. product or catalogue-based offers at variable prices
• Allocation of costs to marketing source codes from ads, mail shots etc
• Over 40 marketing reports covering all views of a campaign
• Reports have a 4 level analysis i.e. source code within media code within media type within campaign, and a 2-way view i.e. Reports by response or despatches

Available reports include:

• Campaign analysis by media
• Total returns from campaign to include life time values of new names captured
• Direct returns by campaign
• Product profitability by source code/campaign
• List performance by definable periods
• Backorders by product within source code
• Media prominence report
• Catalogue area analysis
• RFV Analysis