PRIAM ERP software

erp database

PRIAM provides a number of database options for its multi-channel business system. We recommend the Caché database from Intersystems as our core database platform.

Caché is an advanced object database that provides in-memory speed with persistence and the ability to handle huge volumes of transactional data with minimum hardware requirements. Consequently the PRIAM System can hold virtually unlimited amounts of data without compromising processing speed or performance. This makes PRIAM the ideal tool for large scale transaction processing applications and database marketing.

Caché has been deployed at over 100,000 sites worldwide on systems ranging from 2 to 50,000 users on a variety of operating system platforms including Linux, Unix, Windows and Open VMS.

Caché features

• SQL front end allowing multidimensional data access via SQL queries
• Uses a variety of languages including 'M', Java, C# and C++ and a number of different interfaces including ODBC, JDBC, .Net, XML SOAP and WebServices
• Provides high levels of system availability, maximum resilience and minimum downtime
• Supports large data volumes, high levels of transaction processing and large number of simultaneous users
• Multi-lingual support including UTF8 character sets (Chinese, Arabic etc)
• Supported worldwide by a major American corporation on a 24/7 basis

For more information on the Caché database and other products from Intersystems please follow the link