PRIAM ERP software

erp accounts

PRIAM ERP's key area

Independent consultant analysis has placed PRIAM accounts above Sage and Pegasus for the medium to large sized company. The same analysis showed PRIAM to be the only mail order system rated so highly for independent accounts.

However, as the audit trail for every transaction rests within the order processing/fulfilment system, and the sales and marketing analysis can only be trusted if it reconciles with the accounts, then the question becomes "How good are the integrated accounts?"

Our accounts suite has benefited from 15 years of development and the in-house presence of qualified accountants. It is second to none and will give the accurate and timely information needed to drive the business.

Accounting features

Sales ledger

• Updating of customer account details directly from order processing whether credit terms or not
• All transactions are analysed in the sales ledger daybook and automatically entered into cash books, VAT book and nominal ledger
• Production of statements and chase letters of varying severity
• Aged debt, credit control and customer turnover reports
• Flexible customer payments can part-match invoices or match several invoices with underpayments optionally written off as discount and overpayments generating unallocated cash
• Optional entry of credit notes, adjustments or invoices independent of order processing/returns

Purchase ledger

• All transactions are analysed in the purchase ledger daybook and automatically entered into cash books, VAT book and nominal ledger
• Production of remittance advices and supplier statements
• Aged creditors and credit control reports
• Supplier payments can part-match invoices or match several
• Entry of purchase invoices, purchase receipts, credit notes or adjustments. Optional registering of purchase invoices and authorisation as separate processes with on-line reference to goods received notes
• Backorders by product within source code
• Autopay ability

Nominal ledger

• Immediate trial balance, profit and loss, and balance sheet
• Full nominal analysis by transaction and periodic history with audit trail drill down to individual transactions
• Journal posting with reversals
• Recurring journals
• Prepayments and accruals
• Management accounts writer giving definable management reports
• Depreciation (straight line and reducing balance)
• Catalogue area analysis
• Budgets

VAT Reporting

• VAT books produced on demand from base transactions
• Completely flexible VAT codes and periods
• Holds all previous VAT returns on-line for reference
• Intrastat and EC sales lists

Cash Book

• Inter cash book transfers
• Cheque writing
• Automatic reconciliation

Job Costing

• Allows for the allocation of income, labour costs, purchase invoices and overheads to jobs
• Produces full job profit reporting and drill-down detail
• Reports both accounting profit and comparison to expected margin
• Full work in progress analysis
• Time sheet entry to track staff activity and labour costs
• Optional allocation of staff to jobs
• Production of sales invoices automatically from costs incurred
• Multi-level job analysis by work type, work type group and job type