CRMagic - call centre software from PRIAM Software

crmagic integrated call scripting

browser based scripting for fulfilment houses and call centres

Web enabled and integrated with your telephone system, CRMagic allows you to wrap a script around the order taking process.

CRMagic allows you to:

Most importantly it links seamlessly to the full PRIAM ERP system to provide one integrated solution

Intelligent call centre software

CRMagic recognises the number called and the number calling. This allows the call-centre operator to be switched into the correct client/offer as soon as the call is made.

CRMagic drives the operator through the order-taking/CRM process. The scripts will handle all the variations of brochure fulfilment, taking catalogue orders, coupon response and questionnaire handling. Upselling, related items and additional products can be offered on the basis of responses to questionnaires e.g. for holiday brochures.

CRMagic handles all areas of the order taking process, from the identification of the customer to processing credit card details and closing the order. The returns handling process can be scripted as well.

CRMagic ensures that calls are being handled to the exact requirement of the client. It maintains quality control and lessens the need for time consuming training.

CRMagic seamlessly links to the full PRIAM fulfilment system for picking, distribution and accounting. It is this combination which puts it in a class of its own

CRMagic can also be used as part of an overflow service for out-of-hours response from third party call centres.

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