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November 2009

Friendly URLs and appease

PRIAM Software has launched a new module for appease, it's e-commerce content management system.

A sneak preview of the appease friendly URLs page

Friendly URLs allow a non-technical user to convert the site's dynamic URLs to a friendlier format. For example a traditional dynamic URL may look like

appease can now rewrite the address to give the user a friendly URL

There is optional functionality that allows appease users to define their own friendly URLs using a supplied database. Either method leads to improved search engine optimisation.

Non-friendly URLs are useless when you leave the realm of computers. Passing on the non-friendly version of the above URL via telephone or in written form would be quite a trial. Friendly URLs are easier to understand, remember, share and link to.

The overall look of the website becomes more elegant, user friendly and warmer. Navigation of the site improves as the structure is visualised in terms of the friendly URLs

On an e-commerce website, friendly URLs take a large amount of work to create and maintain but appease can do the work for you, allowing you to drive your business free from technical concerns.

If you would like more details of other features we can offer please do not hesitate to contact or simply give us a call on 01788 558 000.

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