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September 2009

Persistent appease


Internet retailers are constantly trying to find a way to reduce the number of shopping baskets that are abandoned before a transaction is completed.

PRIAM's e-commerce solution, appease, tackles this issue in many ways including checkout configuration but new research has thrown the spotlight on a sometimes overlooked function.

Persistent basket means that when a customer abandons their basket the next time they revisit the site their items are retained.

A recent study by the University of Glasgow has shown that while 87% of baskets are abandoned, 75% of shoppers intend to return and buy.

Persistent basket cuts down on the effort required for the returning customer to spend their money, making it more likely that they will.

This is just one of many ways appease can be used to maximise profits, if you would like more information please do not hesitate to email
or call 01788 558 000.

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