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February 2009

Blog - introducing the first extension of appease

PRIAM Software is delighted to launch appease Blog, the first extension of appease.

The PRIAM ERP back end system combined with the appease front end e-commerce interface and appease Blog will set new benchmarks in customer expectation and value.

appease Blog is easily integrated with appease and uses the MYSQL database. This allows for the entry of large amounts of information of any sort to be displayed on PRIAM web sites that is maintained independently of PRIAM.

appease Blog allows clients to manage blogging on their website. Blogging creates interest in a website, reasons for repeat visits and discussion on subjects the client chooses to start. This creates a sense of community on a website and helps hugely with search engine optimisation.

Also, customers are able to post reviews about specific products and give them a star rating. If a customer is considering a purchase there is nothing more likely to push it through than independent praise from other people just like themselves.

This also offers a new avenue for product development, finding out exactly what people love and hate about products.

In these financially tight times PRIAM Software is able to offer something unique. PRIAM ERP, appease and appease Blog give a SAP equalling back end and a website that matches e-commerce giants like Amazon but without the extortionate price tag.

It is fantastic to know we continue to judge the market correctly. It is easy to throw every possible novelty at a website design and actually reduce sales while increasing costs. We prefer to focus on what actually works for our clients.

Another Delphi developer is Jaques Oosthuysen also from South Africa. Jaques has over two decades of experience, often writing total ERP solutions from scratch.

In his spare time Jaques teaches Tai-Chi so joins the growing ranks of expert martial art exponents in the company – credit control has never looked so good!

Photo of Jaques


Also joining us is David Gibbons who has decades of experience as a programmer in the web environment.

Recently returned from the USA after 32 years David counts Koiné Greek, folk music, country dancing and science fiction among his hobbies.

Photo of Dave

Investing in programmers with a total of sixty years programming experience while other companies are shedding staff is a sign of PRIAM’s real strength. The recession will see more and more companies turning to us to offer SAP level functionality at realistic costs. This is good news for all our customers who have invested in us and need stability in these trying times.

Finally it’s good to have Abi back in admin after (another) maternity break – daughter Scarlett joins her elder sister Isabella in the McKeown household.

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