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Gift Registry companies are able to control the complex business of Wedding List and Gift Registry management, using PRIAM software.

PRIAM handles both list management and personal/catalogue shopping, so selling is not limited to items on the list and continues over the life-time of the couple and guests.

The original PRIAM mail order and despatch system, used by over 100 mail order companies, was considerably enhanced for list management, thus producing a comprehensive and efficient 'front-end' to a proven catalogue sales and despatch package. Access to the guest/donor list is available to the couple/organisers and guests through personal consultants, agents or the internet.

A powerful contact management system is available so the consultant can control all promised events. Versatile database marketing allows for targeted offers to the couple and guests for follow-up sales.

A brief list of system features will give some idea:

System features

• Gift/Wedding registration available through the web, a personal consultant at a call centre, or with agents in associated businesses

• Highly efficient on-going management of the list is enabled through the total and immediate situation being available to the couple and guests through the web, personal consultant or agent

• Speedy and accurate entry of couple and guest details is available using postcode addressing software

• Lists can be created from own catalogue but allowing 'to be sourced' gifts

• Differential pricing for couple/organiser and guests further differentiated for web ordering

• Personalised gift-buying through a large choice of gift wrapping and free-text gift tag messages

• Gift vouchers can be offered as an alternative to gifts so the bride can order her own choice from the catalogue

• Stationery can be ordered as an additional service

• Intelligent inventory management allows for optimised deliveries of gifts to various destinations e.g. the reception, the couple's new home, a combination of these etc

• Gifts can be accumulated into combined pallets and automatically despatched via any courier. Ordering from suppliers can also be optimised to coincide with the event date so as to minimise warehouse stock holding

• Payment handling is simplified by integrated credit card authorisation and charging software

• Immediate forecasting reporting for stock requirements and financials accruing

• Varied commission structure for different levels of agents

• Full returns handling includes change of choice

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